17 June 2017
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Animals feed barley

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Packed, Inorganic
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Specification: Origin : Ukraine Moisture : 12 % max. Energy : 329 kcal Protein : 12% min. Carbohydrate: 70% min. Crude Fibre : 2% min. Fat : 3% max. Foreign Matter : 1% max. Other Food Grain : 2% max Discolored : 1% max. Shrivilled & immature: 2% max. Weeviled :Nil Animal feed grade barley crude protein and digestible fiber were higher than corn, cattle, pigs and other livestock, poultry feed.Many countries put the barley as the main livestock feed.Feeding pigs, with barley in fattening period in proportion to the increase of feed barley, can make the pork fat high hardness, high melting point, lean meat, meat quality is good.Barley silage can also do, in the filling stage harvest period of investment, is a good feed cows.We provide feed barley in north China, east China and abroad more than 30 countries have a higher visibility and influence, and many companies at home and abroad to establish and maintain good relations of cooperation. Our barley used in chicken feed in large lots, we delivery in time, to support a large number of wholesale, direct sales to feed mills, breweries, malt factory and partners.

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